Carla de Jong - Toys

Phone: 02 - 9416 5259


Carla de Jong

Roseville - NSW - Australia

PH: 61 - (0)2 - 9416 5259



Instagram: #carladejongtoys


Carla sells from home, but the reason the address is not mentioned, is that she cannot hear the doorbell in the workshop. Just call to arrange a suitable time, you are most welcome to pop in and visiting times are flexible.

If you are living away from Sydney, postage can be arranged. P & H cost depends on size of item and destination.


Carla does not take orders as such. She doesn't use patterns, nor keeps drawings and consequently every toy turns out to be different from the last one. When people order something, they have an expectation from what they have seen and that could lead to a disappointment. It is nicer to be free to make whatever one feels like without an order dictating what to make and a deadline to add stress, which does not enhance creativity. Having said this, she always tries to listen to what people ask for and accommodate their wishes within her own boundaries.

This is also the reason prices are not mentioned as they can vary.